Terms & Conditions


First Session – The Initial First session is Free.


First month – The first month training is available on a pay as you train basis; current pay as you train prices are available from your club instructor. After a calendar month from your initial free session the student will then be required to commit to one of the monthly training options.

Monthly Training Fees – Training Fees are to be paid in advance on line prior to the first session of the calendar month, accepted in the form of Standing Order or through this Online site. Failure to do so may prevent the student from training.


Monthly training fees are available in the form of two options:  Accelerated Tuition, Three sessions per week or Basic Tuition, One session per week. Current training costs are available from your club instructor. In the event of a student wanting to train for an extra session and committed to the once a week option, we will accept a one off pay as you train payment. Payment for this can be obtained through the website. However if this continues for over a month period we would ask that the student changes to the twice a week option.


Term – We only ask the student to commit to one month in advance. We would ask that if the student wishes to discontinue there training that we are informed either verbally or in writing as we have to inform the TAGB of discontinued students. It remains the responsibility of the paying individual to cancel the on line subscription.


Missed Sessions – If a student is absent from training due to holidays, general sickness or any other commitments, no reimbursement will be made for that session. However if the student is sick relating to a documented illness highlighted on their licence application i.e. Diabetes, Heart Disorder, Asthma, Migraine, Epilepsy etc then we will be happy to offer a credit or reimbursement for the session missed.


Family Discount – If two family members train, a third can train for free (licence & grading fees still apply). Family members are from the same home. For clarity the student who has committed to the lesser monthly option will be the free student.


Instructor Absence – In the event of your club instructor being absent due to illness, holiday etc, we will always endeavour to get another black belt instructor to take the class. If this is not possible, and we have to cancel the class, we will be happy to offer a credit or reimbursement for the cancelled session.


Contact Details – It remains the responsibility of the student to ensure that all contact detail (mainly email and mobile phone number) remain up to date. In the event of an instructor absence or any cancellation of training we will always endeavour to inform the student via email and/or text prior to the session.


TAGB Licence – All students must have an up-to date TAGB Licence - current annual licence fee is £35. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that their licence is current and valid. The club instructor will notify you at the beginning of the renewal month when it is due. We would then ask for a prompt payment as penalties are applied for late renewals.


TAGB Equipment – All TAGB uniforms / sparring equipment must either be purchased from your club instructor   through the official  website. For insurance and safety purposes, any items purchases from external sources i.e. eBay will not be accepted.


Price Variation – Training, grading and licence fees may be subject to change dependent on the following circumstances: change in venue fees, change in TAGB licence and/or grading fees. We will give one month’s notice in the event of any such price change.


Total Annual Sessions – For clarity we have based our monthly fee on the basis that there are 52 available training sessions per year (1 per week). If the student was to miss 4 sessions per year, due to holiday or illness, the cost per session would be the same as the current pay-as-you-train rate.


Special CircumstancesIf there are any special (on going) circumstances which prevent a monthly commitment, i.e. two week shift pattern or away on business every 3rd week of the month etc, please speak to your club instructor to work out a more convenient monthly payment plan.


Product returnsProduct can be returned within 28 days of purchase providing that they have not been used.  Damaged or Faulty good will be exchanged with 14 days of purchase.



Whilst injuries in Tae Kwon-Do are not quite common place as in other contact sports these can at times, be so serious as to dramatically affect the injured party or even result in death. The natural reaction in such cases is to seek compensation and this will involve court action which may or may not be successful. It is estimated that only one in five such actions results in an award of damages and a seven or eight year delay must be anticipated. Personal accident insurance will provide such automatic compensation without the need to prove that anybody is liable.


To provide immediate compensation without need to prove liability or pursue court action The British Tae Kwon-Do Council have arranged Personal Accident Insurance in respect of all members. This should ensure that in the event of death a sum is available to the members direct dependents but where permanent total disablement, such as loss of an eye, a limb, or total inability to pursue an occupation occurs, higher compensation to help rebuild a shattered life is called for. Whilst no amount of compensation can adequately replace the quality of living previously enjoyed, a sensible benefit of around £25,000 is considered suitable.


Weekly benefits to assist, but not to replace for the loss of wages is also insured through this particular benefit only applies to people in waged employment. The British Tae Kwon-Do Council considers this fact relative to the ages and employment conditions of their membership and to this end a small degree of assistance is given to students and junior members.


The benefits are as follows;


Death                      £5,000 per Insured Person of under 18 years of age

                                £25,000 per Insured Person over 18 years of age


Total and Irrecoverable loss of sight in one or both eyes £25,000


Loss of one or two limbs £25,000


Total and Irrecoverable loss of sight of one eye and Loss of one limb £25,000

Permanent Total Disablement


Total loss of sight of one or both eyes or loss of limb £25,000


Temporary Total Disablement £5 per week per Insured Person of under 16 years of age.

Entitlement o this benefit is to a maximum sum of £250


£60 per week per Insured Person over 16 years of age in full / part time employment.

Entitlement to this benefit is dependent upon loss of earnings incurred to a maximum of £60 per week. Maximum sum payable £3,000


£15 per week per Insured Person who is unemployed and students in full time education. Entitlement to this benefit is dependent upon loss of any other benefit / grants due to the injury to a maximum of £15 per week. Maximum sum payable £300


To qualify for any of these benefits you must have been absent from employment or studies for a period of more than two weeks and proof of absence and loss of earnings will need to be supported by official paperwork i.e. Medical Certificates


In order for any of the above benefits to be applied, claims should be submitted on an official claims form to the Insurance Officer of the British Tae Kwon-Do Council within 21 days, failure to do so will jeopardise your claim and may result in loss of benefits.


Liability Insurance - Injury to a third party or damage to property of others could almost automatically result in a claim for damages, such claims and their associated expenses should the case go to court can be very costly. In the absence of adequate Liability Insurance, members will find themselves financially responsible for any damages and costs awarded, to this end included in the membership insurance of the British Tae Kwon-Do Council is a Third Party Liability Insurance for all its members. Benefit is as follows; Limit of Liability £5,000,000 / unlimited in any one of insurance


Members Professional Indemnity -As a Tae Kwon-Do student regardless of grade at some time you may be requested to assist the Instructor and train junior grades within the lesson. To this end in order that you can do this officially the British Tae Kwon-Do Council has included in its membership insurance Indemnity cover to the sum of £1,000,000. All insurance cover is only available to British Nationals and students who have resided in the U.K. for longer than six months.




It is the policy of the British Tae Kwon-Do Council to safeguard the welfare of children and all others

involved in its activities by protecting them from physical, sexual and emotional harm.

All members of the British Tae Kwon-Do Council who instruct children in the art of Tae Kwon-Do must be provided with a copy of this policy document including the “Code of Behaviour” and must adhere to its contents. If you suspect a child is being abused:


  • Initially inform your Instructor and your parent organisation’s management council.

  • Record the facts as you know them and give a copy to the relevant Instructor and forward a copy to your organisation’s management council.  Ensure that the child has access to an independent adult.
  • Ensure that no Tae Kwon-Do situation arises which could cause any further concern.  If a child discloses to you abuse by someone else: 
  • Allow the child to speak without interruption, accepting what is said.
  •  Alleviate feelings of guilt and isolation, without making any judgement.
  •  Advise that you will try to offer support, but that you must pass the information on (steps 1-4 above) the same way as in suspecting a child is being abused. 
  •  If you receive an allegation about any adult or about yourself
  • Immediately inform a member of your organisation’s council and an officer of the British Tae Kwon-Do Council.
  • Record the facts as you know them and forward a copy to your organisation’s management council and a further copy to the secretary General or the Chairman of the British Tae Kwon-Do Council.
  • Try to ensure no one is placed in a position, which could cause further compromise.



By ticking the box on this form I am confirming that I have read the above information, understand and agree to the conditions laid out. Please note: for membership purchases, your membership will not be accepted unless the box on this form is ticked, confirming you have read these terms.


I understand that there is an inherent risk of physical injury in the practice and learning of a contact sport such as Tae Kwon-Do. Whilst the TAGB and Association schools and Instructors will take all reasonable steps to minimise the likelihood of an accident, the risk of physical injury cannot be eliminated. There is particular risk in the context of competitions and grading exercises which by their nature are likely to result in an individual approaching and potentially exceeding the limits of their skills and physical ability. The acceptance of an individual’s application to participate in a competition or to undertake a grading exercise does not constitute and should not be considered as constituting any form of confirmation or assurance by the TAGB or any Association School or Instructor to the affect that individual has the necessary skill or physical ability to safely complete such competition or grading exercise, it being the individual’s sole responsibility to judge such matters for themselves. If an individual has any doubt whatsoever as to their ability to safely complete any exercise in the context of a competition, grading exercise or otherwise it is the responsibility of the individual to withdraw from the same. The TAGB, and Association schools and Instructors accept no liability for injuries sustained in the course of practicing and learning of Tae Kwon-Do save for injuries attributed to negligence of the TAGB, and Association schools and Instructors. Insurance in respect of such risks is included in your annual membership. In agreeing this declaration I accept the above recited disclaimer of liability and also agree to abide by the rules of the TAGB as amended from time to time should I be accepted as a participant of this competition.

I clearly understand that my participation in the event is entirely at my own risk.