Rules & Regulations


The dojang is where we come to train in the art of Tae Kwon-Do, and as such it must be respected – by adhering to the following etiquette you help create an environment conducive to learning of Tae Kwon-Do:

Bow when entering or leaving the dojang.
Remove shoes while in the dojang.
Do not chew gum while in the dojang.
Do not swear, or use offensive language while in the dojang.
NEVER use negative or defiant body language while in the dojang (i.e. Standing with your hands on your hips, or with your arms folded over your chest).
Do not argue, or lose self-control while in the dojang.
Do not throw things, such as kicking paddles in the dojang. when passing anything from one student to another, you should do so while bowing.
It is every student’s responsibility to help maintain the cleanliness of the dojang.


The Tae Kwon-Do uniform is not only practical, but symbolic of purity a readiness to be taught: a consistency in appearance reminds us that we are all students of the same martial art:

All students should wear a dobok to class, which should be well maintained, clean and unwrinkled.
Dobok’s should be adjusted to fit properly. The rolling up of sleeves and trousers is unacceptable.
No jewellery is to be worn during training.
Long hair must be tied back.
Finger and toe nails must be kept trimmed.
If you must adjust your uniform, turn to the back of the dojang and away from the instructor to do so.                                                                                                                                                                                             
A TAGB Dobok must be purchased from your Instructor, normally within the first 2 months of training.



Bowing is a means of showing respect – it is never inappropriate to bow, but these
are the circumstances when it is prudent to:
Bow when entering or leaving the dojang.
Bow at the beginning and ending of class.
Bow when you first see, and again when you depart from your instructor, your instructor’s instructors, and any black belts.
Bow to any higher ranking student who has assisted you in your training.
Bow to your opponent before and after sparring.
Bow when shaking hands with any student or instructor.
Bow when passing things (such as kicking paddles) to another student.


Aside from bowing, here are some other ways to demonstrate respect for your instructor, and fellow students:

Address all black belts and instructors by their last names or sir or ma’am, students are required to know their instructors titles.
When being addressed by the instructor – stand to attention, answer with yes sir or ma’am, speak loudly. When the conversation is complete, bow to the instructor.
Higher ranking students should show leadership by assisting lower ranking students whenever necessary, lower ranking students should show their appreciation by demonstrating their respect and following the same etiquette they would for an instructor.
Lower ranking students should show respect for higher ranking students by holding doors open so that they may enter the dojang first.
Students should volunteer to assist the instructor whenever possible (i.e. carrying equipment, setting up for events, cleaning the dojang, etc).
Line up in order (facing the front of the dojang, highest to lowest, right to left, front to back).
Students should not walk through the rows.
Students should wait to break from line-up until the highest ranking student has done so.


Students should always come to class ready to put forth their greatest effort to train; the following etiquette helps demonstrate that the student has the proper mind-set for Tae Kwon-Do training:

Move quickly to line-up.
Kihap loudly during training.
Do not engage in unnecessary talking or movements which are distracting to other students and disrespectful to the instructor.
Students shall not engage in sparring without the permission of the instructor.
Students should always ask permission from the instructor before leaving the dojang during class.
If you arrive late to class, stand at attention to let the instructor know you are ready to join the class (the instructor will incorporate you into the line-up as soon as it is convenient to do so).
If you forget your belt, take your place in the line-up at the very back of class (regardless of your rank / grade).
Inform the instructor if you will be absent.
Students should inform the instructor before the class when they have a temporary illness or illness that may affect their performance during the lesson.
Any permanent conditions should have been disclosed on their membership form.
Never come to a Tae Kwon-Do class or event under the influence of alcohol or drugs — you will be permanently dismissed from the club if you do so.